Give up a Golden

Surrendering a Golden Retriever to GoldHeart

For GoldHeart to accept a Golden Retriever into rescue, it cannot have bitten anyone and it must be able to live peacefully with other dogs.

Before a Golden Retriever is accepted we do an extensive evaluation to verify it doesn’t demonstrate aggression toward humans or other dogs. Our dogs are adopted by families and we must be certain that under normal circumstances, the dog will never be a danger to anyone in the family. All of our foster homes have their own dogs, therefore we cannot take a dog that shows aggression toward other dogs.

If you have a dog to surrender, please call 410-877-9697 and leave a message with your name, telephone number, and the name and age of the dog being surrendered. Someone will call you within 48 hours. You can also send us an email at and provide your name, telephone number, the name and age of the dog, and any other pertinent information. Again, someone with contact you within 48 hours.

If the dog is in an unacceptable situation that may affect his health or well being or you must surrendered the dog by a certain date, please include that information and we will expedite the process.

We will contact you and schedule a time for a volunteer and their dog to come out and evaluate your dog. It often takes some time to identify a suitable foster home that can accept the dog. In urgent cases we will place the dog in a kennel, but we prefer not to do that.

We will require you sign a legal surrender form that states the dog has never bitten a person.

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Need to find a temporary foster home for your Golden due to an emergency hospitalization or military deployment?

PACT for Animals may be able to help. PACT stands for People + Animals = Companions Together. Their mission is to provide programs that benefit companion animals and their owners. This includes providing temporary foster homes for beloved companion animals so their owners do not need to surrender them because of a temporary military or medical crisis. To learn more please visit

Another resource for military dog owners is