About Goldheart


GoldHeart was started in 1999 by a small, dedicated group of volunteers with an undying love for Golden Retrievers. The initial group of volunteers were members of the Golden Retriever Rescue Education, and Trainings (GRREAT), complementing GRREAT’s efforts by concentrating GoldHeart’s mission in Maryland, south-central Pennsylvania and Delaware areas.

During the first five years of its existence, GoldHeart volunteers successfully placed nearly 300 Golden Retrievers in “forever homes,” with this year promising to be our busiest year yet.

GoldHeart has grown to have over 100 members with an active group of 12 to 15 core volunteers who perform the bulk of the rescue efforts.


GoldHeart, Golden Retriever Rescue and its network of volunteers are dedicated to the rescue of unwanted, abused, neglected and displaced Golden Retrievers. We provide Goldens in need with a temporary safe haven in our foster homes where they receive love, food, grooming, medical treatment, and some training. During this time their temperament is evaluated to determine the best home for their personalities, and ultimately they are relocated to loving adoptive “forever” homes.

GoldHeart volunteers work to foster a public sentiment of humanity and gentleness toward Golden Retrievers and all other animals. They encourage and promote responsible pet ownership, do all within their power to reduce the pet overpopulation and will work to encourage humane treatment and care of animals through education and spay/neuter advocacy.


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