Maz GH-1032


Maz is a beautiful, sweet, loving, exuberant  80+ pound boy who is not yet neutered. He is now crate trained and stays in all night and if necessary, during the day for a few hours.

He is still very much a puppy and loves attention. Fetching balls & chewing his bones are his favorite activities. He loves to stay outside in his fenced in yard (so a fenced yard is  recommended) watching for birds, feral cats, rabbits, and other creatures. He greets everyone he meets with a big hello, whether children, adults or other dogs.  He was very excited to see a cat at the groomer. Due to his playful nature, he may be too much for some dogs and young children, but with training and time he should do just fine. He rides well in the car and tethering him to the back car seat clip or crating is good for him & safety of the driver.

He loves to take walks, but this very strong boy needs work on not pulling. He is getting better, but his ideal adopter will take the time to train this wonderful guy. He has never had formal obedience training, and he needs to learn manners.  He will sit and just learned to lay down. He comes happily when called from the yard, but definitely needs someone dedicated to setting limits, knows that every day is a training day, and will continue to work with and exercise him. Formal obedience training is recommended for Maz in his new home. An active owner(s)/family who will give him what he needs will be rewarded with a wonderful sweet dog.

Due to Maz just turning one on May 6, he will be adopted out with a  GoldHeart Puppy Contract ($500 Adoption Fee), and will require his forever home to set up his neuter surgery date after consulting with his intended vet.


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