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Bella 3-6 Broken Toe Bella Action Bella2014D BELLA1024C bella1024AADOPTION PENDING

Woo Hoo!  Bella is a happy 46.6 p6ounds of love and activity.  (You may recall that Bella broke her toe in early March when playing with her foster sister. It was the next-to-last bone in the toe and is now healed.)

Bella is a very sweet and smart pup, and no surprise…she is VERY active! Beautiful Bella is under a year old and her Vet believes she is no younger than 10-11 months old. She is a petite Golden and is right on target to land between 45 – 50 pounds.

Due to Bella’s age, she will be adopted out with a GoldHeart Puppy Contract, and her forever home will need to have spay surgery performed.

Bella is an international rescue and made the journey to the USA after initial vetting in Egypt, landing at JFK on the 15th of February with several other golden GoldHeart rescues. This little gal still loves to travel after her long trip and does great in a car. She has met all sorts of people and loves everyone. It is clear that Bella lives to love and be loved and is definitely a Velcro golden who enjoys cuddling and belly rubs. Did anyone say Play? Here comes Bella!


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