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Update April 3 — Gabe (pka Snowball and Salty Dog), is happy to be back to his name when arriving at GoldHeart in January 2017. Gabe is doing great in his new Foster home! Hope you enjoy some new pictures of this sweetie who turns 10 months old this month.

It has been a challenging few weeks for Gabe and for all the homes and vets that are proud members of  GoldHeart’s Team Gabe. After a sudden onset of seizures, GoldHeart brought Gabe back into the rescue, so he could see a specialist (neurologist), and have testing done — big thanks to his last home for helping him through all the testing and appointments.

We are thrilled to report that he is back on track to wellness, and his new foster home is enjoying seeing puppy Gabe emerge. He is back to doing all the puppy stuff you would expect. He is learning not to jump on counters, he knows his name, he is learning basic obedience skills, and is becoming more reliable in the house under the loving guidance of his foster Mom and family. He is also crazy in love with all the fur-kids and children in his new home. Gabe is a lucky boy indeed!

 What we learned from the testing…Gabe’s spinal fluid analysis was normal and his brain MRI findings point toward a diagnosis of communicating mild-moderate communicating congenital hydrocephalus, which is predisposing him to his juvenile onset of seizures. His doctors are optimistic that with medical management of his seizures (daily Phenobarbital with potassium bromide recently increased) he can have a good quality of life. While we would all love to have Gabe seizure free, and it seems we are now getting ahead of the seizures, our short term goal is to reduce incidence to no more than a short 30-60 second seizure every month or so. Today marks day 11 with only one minor seizure – woo hoo! Go Gabe! Gabe’s next appointment with the neurologist is scheduled for April 19th, so we will update you shortly thereafter.

Gabe’s expenses for testing and other vetting have already exceeded $3,500. Any tax-deductible donation towards GoldHeart expenses will help ensure we can continue to help Gabe and other incoming dogs in need of more extensive medical care.  http://www.goldheart.org/about-goldheart/make-a-donation/

Thank you from Gabe, the GoldHeart Board and all the homes caring for the many sweet fur- kids in foster care.

Gabe’s Back story – This young guy was surrendered to GoldHeart in January as a result of seizures that occurred in October, November and December 2016. He was adopted in early March and while his first foster home did not witness any seizures since arrival, he had three major seizures in his hopeful GoldHeart  forever home.  He was started on two seizure preventatives. While a vigorous search was initiated to determine if there was a physiological reason for the seizures when first brought into GoldHeart, all  all of Gabe’s  tests came back normal. With heavy hearts, Gabe – Salty’s Adopters decided to turn him back over to GoldHeart so that he can see a neurologist and get further testing.

Gabe is otherwise healthy. He rides really well in a car and is no problem to walk. He gets along with both canine and feline siblings. His activity level is now reported to be at the moderate level and he is a typical puppy. He loves to play, but when he is tired, he enjoys being a couch potato.

He has been crate trained to this point and does very well in it for sleeping and naps. Please make sure to keep socks and other things safely out of reach. Like many pups he is very inquisitive and looks for things to play with.

Please check back soon for updates.



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